Property finder

The property market in Central London is highly coveted and competitive, and looking for a property to buy or rent may represent a daunting task for many people, whether or not they live in London. Being buyers ourselves we know only too well how frustrating it may be to go from place to place and from agent to agent.


Our property finder service provides a personally tailored service aimed at eliminating the stress of house-hunting by speeding up the whole process and securing the right property at the right price. We preview properties on your behalf to suit your profile and budget. Once we find your perfect property, we will assist you throughout the conveyancing process, and if needed refurbishment and following maintenance.


Over the years we have established relationships with highly qualified surveyors, structural engineers, architects and contractors with whom we regularly collaborate on our own projects, allowing our clients to enjoy all services under one roof.


Although we specialize in residential properties. whether for rental, investment or owner occupancy, we have also assisted clients in procuring commercial properties.


Our fee structure is very simple, we charge 1% (+VAT) of the sale price for purchase searches or one month's rent (+VAT) for rental searches. Our project management fee is 10% (+VAT) of the value of the works. No unrefundable payment upfront, you only pay us if and when we find a property for you.


For more information on our property finder services, please contact us.


Our Management service includes property management, maintenance and block management.


Property management & maintenance

Being as passionate as we are about property and having to manage our own portfolio, we greatly value the importance of managing and maintenance as a means to protect an investment. Our services are tailored to our clients' needs, and range from complete management to small maintenance issues.


Block management

Dealing with managing agents and their hefty fees may represent a huge source of frustration. Our block management service is aimed at removing the hassle and irrelevant charges, while at the same time providing a higly professional service, based on our experience with our own properties.


Our charges are clear, and are based on the number of flats in a block, starting from £180 (+VAT) per flat per year. An additional commission of 10% (+VAT) is added to any major works managed by us.


In providing our services we always strive to find the best solution at the most convenient price, in order to maximize our clients' budgets.


Please contact us for more information on our management services.